Quality Assurance

Pure and Simple

Our mission is to provide premium natural supplements that offer great value and support the health of our customers and our environment. We hope our quality, value, and commitment to preserving the environment helps earn your business.

Quality Ingredients and Manufacturing
Certified Supply Chain

Quality products require quality ingredients and we only source from FDA registered and GMP certified suppliers. The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) program was established by the Natural Products Association (NPA) to enforce standards mandated by the Food and Drug Administration. All ingredients and finished formulas are tested, in a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory, to verify their identity, purity and potency. Our organic products are independently certified, by Organic Certifiers, to verify organic integrity throughout the entire supply chain.

Natural Ingredients (Non-GMO)
Pure and Natural

GMO stands for genetically modified organism, a term that refers to any substance whose DNA has been genetically engineered to provide a benefit that normally would not occur in nature. While there are benefits to agricultural output, the long-term impact of genetically modified organisms on the environment and our bodies has not been adequately studied.